Who We Are

Here at the Chinese School London, private Mandarin tutors are selected based on their proficiency, academic history and the area they specialise in. Resourceful and knowledgeable about all aspects of Chinese culture and the Mandarin language, we pride ourselves on our select high-calibre teaching professionals. Central to our Chinese School London ethos, we endeavour to help you learn to speak mandarin proficiently whilst getting you to experience authentic Chinese culture first hand. If none of it is to your taste, we will simply refund you.

We aim to provide high quality language courses for affordable fees, allowing people from all backgrounds and circumstances to study with us.
So if you’re looking to learn from friendly and engaging mandarin tutors, look no further than the Chinese School London.

The Curriculum

Our curriculum is broad and exciting, with all General Mandarin and Business Mandarin courses starting with foundation levels for beginners. We aim to nurture your interest and expand your horizons whether you’re learning to speak Mandarin for professional purposes or simply because you want to learn a new language.

Mandarin is an exceptionally beautiful language from a culture that is rich with history, and we have designed our curriculum in a way that maintains both the allure and the excitement of Chinese culture.