One of the most popular Chinese course in London that we offer is the General Mandarin courses. They are available for students of all levels; no matter whether you have been studying Mandarin for several years or whether this is your first time.

Our Mandarin lessons vary in terms of difficulty level and complexity and follow the official Mandarin Chinese level test (HSK) and the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). This means that when you are studying Mandarin with us, your qualifications are accredited and globally recognised. Our courses comprise of 6 levels from HSK 1-6. HSK 1 being for the complete beginner through to HSK 6 for those with advanced Mandarin skills. Our carefully curated and devised lessons help you to develop your skills as you work through the levels, taking you from novice to expert.

We take great pride in the fact that our General Mandarin lessons are specially structured to provide you with the opportunity to study Mandarin in London but with authentic real-life conversations and scenarios that typically take place in China. As well as specialist top-rated teachers, we also offer students a fantastic, unrivalled support network with each course containing:

A Structured Curriculum

We promise to deliver a structured curriculum that is supported by the highest quality course content that is adaptable to your individual needs. We base our course content on everyday, authentic situations as we believe that studying Mandarin is more effective when it is fun! Our Mandarin lessons let you put into practise the language skills you are learning. During the course you will:

Learn Common Expressions – We start by teaching you useful phrases for everyday use, and you will soon be able to understand and use similar phrases that can be linked together as your Mandarin lessons progress.

Have Ready Access to English Translations – As you are introduced to new vocabulary, you will have access to the English translations of the words so that you can follow lessons more attentively and deepen your understanding of the language.

Take Part in Immersive Classroom Culture – To strengthen your comprehension during your Mandarin lessons, your teachers will regularly use phrases from the course that you have already been introduced to and are familiar with using. This immersive experience helps students gain confidence and learn to use the Chinese language naturally through enlightening discussion with fellow classmates in Mandarin.

Structure Content to Your Tastes – You have the opportunity to decide exactly which elements of the course you want to focus on. Some students prefer just to learn spoken Mandarin, but should you want to broaden your horizons, you can also choose to learn Chinese Characters and Pinyin to assist with phonetics and written Mandarin. By closely listening to our students’ feedback, we are confident that we offer the most flexible and dynamic Chinese course in London and have made studying Mandarin an achievable and realistic option.

Real Life Exercises

As well as creating effective study materials, we have prepared a range of lexical, phonetic and conversation-based tasks which help and support students to put into practice the theory that they are learning in their Mandarin lessons. Exercises are designed to engage the student: easy to understand but challenging to truly help your language skills develop as you progress through the Mandarin courses. To further extend learning, students are given valuable insights into authentic Chinese culture, traditions, behaviour and society through short stories and shared experiences.